Shaker Bottles

Only the best Shakers for your nutritional products

Here you can order your own Personal Shakers. Ideal for your pre-workout shake, post training or post event recovery drink.

Shaker Bottles

Package Pricing
1 Bottle 7,50 €
5 Bottles 6,00 € each (+postage)
10 Bottles 5,00 € each (+postage)

Paymant via PayPal / Delivery 7-10 Days

MyLaps ProChip Flex

Because we only expect precision timing

Here you can order your own Personal MyLaps ProChip Transponder/s as well as subscription cards for renewing your MyLaps ProChip Transponder subscription.

Package Transponder & Subscription

Package Pricing
1 Year 37 €
2 Year 54 €
5 Year 102 €

Paymant via PayPal / Delivery 7-10 Days

Subscription Renewal

Package Pricing
1 Year 25 €
2 Year 44 €
5 Year 91 €

Paymant via PayPal / Delivery 7-10 Days

Instructions on how to renew your MyLaps ProChip FELX Transponder can be found Instruction Manuals - Subscription card renewal via SMS


Attach your ProChip FLEX to the fork of your bike or strap it around your ankle, using the strap. Detection antennas are installed at the start and finish of the course and at intermediate points. If your ProChip FLEX crosses one of these antennas, that exact time is measured, processed by the system and uploaded to the Internet. On the SportLists™ mobile app yopu can see all your times in the results under Events. During training, subscribe to the SportLists Training module and register your MyLaps personal transponder and receive all your training times when your coach uses our BEMTrain training software and after an event.

*Ask your event organizer if MYLAPS ProChips are supported"


Your training and event results are uploaded by the track's system or race officials. You can check, analyze and share your performance data on your personal account on SportLists™ mobile App. Simply create a personal account and register your chip via the App.

Training BMX App  

You can check your training results on your iPhone or Android Smartphone with the SportLists™ Training app. The app shows extensive training details. and features live time updates.

With the SportLists™ mobile app, your data and training times are safe and can only be seen by you or other Athletes or your Coach, only once you have sent them an invitation and they have accepted it. NOBODY else can see your times. Privacy is an important factor to us in our Training module.


Before you are able to use your ProChip FLEX, you are required to do a one-time activation in ProChip FLEX Manager. Please note, that the ProChip FLEX Manager software is only compatible with Windows systems. Plug the ProChip FLEX into your computer by using the USB connection.

Download the free ProChip FLEX Manager (Windows only)

USB connection 

With the USB connection you can easily check your ProChip’s battery status, see how long your current subscription lasts and renew your subscription by connecting the ProChip FLEX to your computer: just take of the cap and plug it into your computer’s USB port.

Note: the ProChip FLEX comes with a built-in battery that will last for approximately 5 years: there is no need to recharge it.