Who We Are

Brothers Liam and Axel are the driving force behind the project and their aim is to professionalize the sport of BMX racing in the fields of race scoring and adminsitration using timing for more accurate results and less human intervention. Using timing during training alos allows riders (athletes) and coaches an important training tool in order to allow them to focus their training on more specific areas in order to improve allround performance.Together with our partner companies, they have put together a complete solution package for all riders, coaches, clubs and associations covering all these fields.

These packages can also be used for MTB and Track Cycling and more recently, Speed Skating and Cross Country Skiing. The SportsLists App allows athletes and coaches direct easy access to times during training sessions.

Their passion for the sport has been incorporated into the project, and the results of many years of devlopement are proving to deliver successful results.

To find out more about these two entrepreneurs, see their bios on their website


Meet The Team

Liam Webster


Axel Webster


Kerstin Arlinghaus

Event Co-Ordinator

Lyndon Downing

BEM Owner and Excel Guru

Adam Jedrys


Thomas Hamon

Track Building Manager