BEM Production Software Package

BEM Software has been specifically designed for BMX Racing, MTB 4-Cross, Downhill, Time Trial (Road, MTB, BMX) and Pump Track event scoring. BEM was developed in 2003 in Australia by Lyndon Downing. His passion for BMX Racing, his IT and detailed knowledge of the UCI BMX Rules allowed him to create a BMX scoring software that was soon being used in many countries around the world.

BEM is updated with the new 2021 UCI Part VI BMX Rule Book.(Ammended on 1/10/2020)

BEM also has the possibility of been integrated with Transponder Timing systems in order to make scoring, not only easier and more efficient, but also more accurate and reducing the human error factor of the conventional pencil scoring and photo finish manual scoring.


BEM itself is the main scoring program. Scoring can be done manually, with pencilers (3 or 5), with a Transponder timing system or with the assistance of finish line camera photos.

Keeping up with technology, BEM now also has the capability of importing times from Transponder timing systems using active transponders. BEM is compatible with MyLaps ProChip, BeChronized and RaceResults transponder systems. suggests using the MyLaps ProChip active transponders.

Entries can be imported from Excel tables, or an online entry database. offers via SportLists™ an online entry system allowing users to entrer multiple classes in one entry as well as giving organisers the option of charging different prices for different classes. Athletes with personal transponders can enter theirtransponder numbers and for rental transponders, organisers can addthe rental fee seperately onto the entry fee.

Data and results can be printed or exported in HTML format for webpage display. All lists and results can also be uploaded directly to SportLists™ website or on the SportsLists™ Lite mobile App (available in the Apple Store and in the Google Play Store) using RRD

BEM can also be set up to accommodate different number of lanes to accomodate all track sizes and federation needs.

BEM complies with the new 2021 UCI Part IV Rule book and offers Standard UCI Moto rules, UCI Scrambled Moto rules, as well as the 2021 UCI SX rules. BEM can also offer Federation rule specific options.

BEM is also currently available in 7 languages, ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, CZECH and PORTUGUESE.

BEM Toolbox

BEM Toolbox allows for the set-up of events according to the different formats required, all in accordance to National or UCI rules.

Rider age and gender control, new event file creation, entry imports, ranking imports from either the UCI Database or BEM Series, transponder validation check (MyLaps) are some of the functions that can be done using BEM Toolbox.

BEM Series

BEM Series allows for the series scoring of events, eg. National Series, Regional Series, Club Series, etc.. Overall Series results and points can then be printed out or exported in HTML format.


RRD (Reports, Results and Display) is a multitool complimenting BEM.

RRD allows for th automatic uploading of event lists and results directly to SportLists™ website or on the SportsLists™ Lite mobile App (Apple Store, Google Play Store), allowing for up-to-date event lists and results to be displayed within the Event Module of the App.

RRD also has a call-up facility for use in the staging areas (pre-start), allowing riders and officials the opportunity to have an overview of the coming races and riders.

RRD can also print to up to 4 network printer as the same time, for easy document distribution at large events.


Additional BEM Packages Features

In order to enhance your BEM Software experience, we have an additional BEMTrain Software package that can be used during events and as a training tool.

To find out more, go to our Training Software page

BEMTrain Software package includes some useful features for race scoring. Various Score Board optionas arte available. During practice, a general training score board showing riders their lap times can be used. A finish line score board during racing with provisional position. there is also a commentators score board giving the race commentary a details look at the race progress.

Example Result Outputs